No matter if you own a bungalow or an apartment that needs a bit of tender loving care, you would always enjoy adding a touch of personality. However, deciding on changes to the exterior of the home can be challenging. That is why it is crucial not to implement an out-of-the-box style in your home. Rather, investing in professional exterior decoration services will significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home. A professional exterior designer knows ins and outs of decorating a home’s exteriors. It is his job to add charm to the life-less property. So, working with an expert will be more beneficial than following you-tube videos.

Ideas you can work on with your exterior decoration

Enlisted below are a couple of ideas you can work on with your exterior decoration services provider to beautify your home. Have a look at the underneath mentioned tips.

1. Add a covered entrance:

When it is raining, the only thing people look for is- covered overhead. Right? So, if you add a covered entrance, it will not only catch the eyes of passersby but can do wonders when it comes to curb appeal. For instance, if you live in a colonial-style home, adding a small portico topped with a pediment is enough to add definition to the entrance. Besides this, covered porches can also act as a natural fit for cottages and craftsman home. Just in case, if you have a space, you can add an enormous porch that fits with the style of your home.

2. Hang a lantern:

Without any denial, you can bring depth and definition to a flat façade by incorporating the right light fixtures. A conventional lantern be it a gas-filled one or electronically operated looks perfect on farmhouse (modern or not), colonial, or other traditional-style homes. You can also try nautical-style lanterns on a cottage or Cape Cod–style home.

3. Replace the door:

Whether you know it or not, a different kind of door can be a head-turner. Consider selecting a new door that includes panes of glass, as the glass brightens up a heavy facade. Look for a kind of door that matches the architectural style of your home but comes with a lot more detail, solid construction, or allows more natural light to slip in comparison with your current door.

4. Place an arbor:

An arbor over the gate is one of the most charming things you can do to beautify your home’s exterior, especially when planted with climbing roses or another fragrant plant.

5. Re-construct the driveway:

The driveway of your home is a piece of the exterior puzzle that you may never observe, especially when it is in good condition. But if your driveway has been chipped, developed some cracks, or simply does not match with the style of your home, it can drag down the aesthetic of the home’s exterior. For re-doing a driveway, you can use bricks, masonry, or stained concrete and beautify it.

We hope the above-mentioned pointers are enough to give a clear perspective about how to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home.