Bespoke Furniture Painting

Smart Builders & Decorators offer a custom furniture painting services.

If you have found the perfect piece of furniture at a garage sale or flea market, but you need professional furniture painting to give it the finishing touch,  Smart Builders and Decorators LTD is the place to go. We are Painters and Decorators in Essex & London

Bespoke Furniture Painting

We offer custom furniture painting in London for any pieces you might need—from kitchen tables to china cabinets.

Our professional furniture painters have decades of experience revitalizing old pieces, breathing new life into them. They can take solid wood pieces from a yard sale and make them look like they’re from the Civil War era or antebellum France.Smart Builders & Decorators has extensive experience with many furniture painting services, from refinishing and restoring your wood pieces to painting them in a custom paint that you’ll love for years to come..


Why Do You Need Us For Bespoke Furniture Painting?

Do you like picking up beautiful items for your home whenever you go shopping? Well, we all do that and sometimes end up picking up old stuff from clearance sales and flea markets. That’s okay because sometimes you get the most exquisite furniture and home décor at auctions and sales. However, you need the best bespoke furniture painting service to revitalize these worn-out items. That’s when you will find us at your service!

When you choose Smart Builders and Decorators for bespoke furniture painting service in London, we only offer you the best service. Our team is very skilful and can put life into dull and worn out items. Be it antique China cabinets or your kitchen tables, we will work on them to bring you back what looks like brand new items.

The Smart Builders team in London can take a broken piece of wooden furniture and turn it into something you had envisioned.  The furniture you bought from a yard sale will transform into a classic piece from an old French home. Apart from painting, we also work on restoring and refinishing the items that you buy. Whenever you plan to redecorate your home with shabby items, reach out to us for professional finishing touches.



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